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Roland Dicke

Publisher crashes while printing

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Publisher still crashes when I try to print. When I send a print to the printer the progress bar nearly gets to the end and than publisher crashes.

This doesn't happen all the time. It's just when I print with bleed and marks and full rastered and even than it sometimes works very well ;-)

Sometimes it helps to reboot the Laptop. Sometimes I it helps to changes printing options to make it work...

I think Publisher doesn't like my Sharp MFP 2630 ..... but/ because Publisher is the only program that crashes while printing. So I export with bleed and marks to PDF than print this from Acrobat .. but that's no fun... 


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Hi Roland

Do you have any other printers you are able to try with too see if it is just in relation to that printer and it's drivers? When it crashes can you go to %AppData%\Roaming\Affinity\Publisher\1.0 (Beta)\CrashReports\reports and grab the dmp file and attach it for us to look at? Also if you have a specific file setup that causes it to crash 100% of the time would you be able to provide that also?


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This ist strange.... it crashes with the Sharp Printer ... than I used the Samsung (it only can print A4) to try this printer ... that works ... after that the usual printer works fine too .... can this be because I used the Samsung printer once?!

Now I can print what I want in this windows session.... I will restart the pc now. Strange

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Yes .. thats it ... once I used my Samsung printer ... I can print with the sharp 2630 as long the windows session runs ....after rebootign I have to use the Samsung once again that Publisher will not crash.

This is just a publisher Problem... no Problem with Affinity Photo or Designer ... or Word or Excel.

It does no matter to change the sharps driver.....

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