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[Beta] Reproducible Freeze

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I've started Testing Beta .178.
What I've done:
I have loaded two pictures into Affinity Photo. One Raw and its JPEG (Also tried with other photos).
Now I wanted to compare them side by side. So i dragge one Picture out of the window, so that the Image view is in a second window.

So far so good.

If I want to do the same with the second picture, Affinity Photo is freezing.



1. Sometimes it is not only freezing, but also crashing.

2. I do not need to drag the second window, it is enough, to click onto the other image view. -> Possibly on active window change?

3. Now I have tried using a Raw with a JPEG, that has nothing to do with it. This way, it works.
If I use another RAW with  its JPEG, it still crashes.


If i open Raw and drag the View to another location. Then I create a new Document. -> Crash..


More Details:

I use rw2 files from my Lumix G9.


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