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Hi everyone!

I can not find a solution a problem I faced. 
I HDR merged and edited 2 pictures which I took with my phone trying to give a bit more life to it, and when I exported I got some nasty color noise. 
I converted the color format from 32 to 16bits and I already got the same result in Affinity... I also tried to flatten everything before exporting, rasterizing everything but still. You can also see on the first picture which filters I used, I applied some Gaussian blur on the pixel layer, soft light, overlay, glow and reflect blend modes. The clarity live filer has darken the denoise has overlay blend mode... 

Can someone tell me what causes this problem and how could I solve it? This happened to me already once before, but if I recall correctly I rasterized the pic and then I could export without distortion. 

Thank you in advance. 


Screenshot 2018-10-29 15.19.48.png


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Hi Zoli1989 :)

I'm sorry to see this, it certainly shouldn't happen if you've rasterised or flattened the document before exporting.

Could you please provide me with a copy of your file to the following link, as well as a screenshot of your export settings? I can take a look into this for you!


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Thank you Dan C! 

I tried to export in different formats (also 32bit TIFF), but my goal should be a JPEG so I upload the screenshot of that. I upload the files now

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Thanks for that! This is caused by the 2 pixel layers with 'Soft Light' blend mode set, we're aware of a bug currently where this does not display correctly in 32bit and produces these export anomalies.

Rather than converting the document to 16bit, I changed the 2 layers to 'Normal' blend mode and set them to 22% opacity, which gave me a very similar look as the Soft Light blend mode and then the document exported without the colour noise - 

Zoltán Bodó - JBTnorm_.jpg

I'll pass your file through to our devs against the outstanding bug report and hopefully it will be fixed shortly. I've also included the edited file below for you :)

Zoltán Bodó - JBT_norm.afphoto

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