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  1. Hello, I noticed in my last 2-3 works in which I saved history with the document, that Designer instantly crashes once I try to go back more than 3-5 steps in history. Anyone experienced similar? Thx. Z. Crash report.rtf
  2. Hello, I just bumped into this issue... I have a couple of object set to erase blend mode, grouped together, working just fine. I'd like to add another object outside of that group, again with erase blend mode, but then the previous group loses the transparency, like the new object knocks it out.
  3. Hello, I recorded my macro, added my pictures, set my parameters etc... When running the macro, instead of the picture a blurred rectangle something appears. Anyone knows why does it do this and how to fix it? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, I've just updated 1.7. and I wanted to find the new features in the HELP to understand them better, but unfortunately my HELP's language is Italian. I tried to reset the language of the whole software (for some reason it is Italian) then I set back everything in English as I use it, but the HELP still remained in Italian. Anyone has any idea how to fix this? Thank you! Z.
  5. Dear team, As it happened when you published version 1.5. can we expect to find the introductions of the new features of 1.7. also here? Thank you! Z.
  6. Hi, Does anyone have an idea why Publisher exports a pdf. bigger then Designer with the same exporting parameters? Designer and InDesign exports my file around 750kb, Publisher 1,2Mb... I'd like to export a lot of files for a touchscreen. Last year I exported everything with Designer, this year I make the pages in Publisher, but for the software we use on the screen unfortunately even this little difference matters in it's performance speed. Frankly, I would avoid to copy-paste one by one to Designer just to export them... Any idea? Thank you!
  7. You are right, I didn't think about this. Actually I already had to use this feature, to locate and re-sync a picture.
  8. Thank you guys! I'm relieved it's not me... I use Designer and Photo for a while now, I have my trust in Serif, probably they will sort this thing out, otherwise there is no real sense in having this linked option at all, and I'm sure they aware of it.
  9. Hi everyone, I am quite new with Publisher, maybe you have discussed this topic... I am making an art catalogue, with 150 pages up til now... All my pictures are linked within the document, but my affinity file is more then 4 GB! Is this normal? Or I f**ked up some basic settings? It has to be 192 Dpi, with 1920ptx1080pt page size for a big touchscreen...Seems a bit big considering everything is linked...
  10. Thank you for your quick reply and a solution! Frankly I am a bit relieved it's not because I'm lame, and If I meet this again I'll know an alternative solution to fix it!
  11. Thank you Dan C! I tried to export in different formats (also 32bit TIFF), but my goal should be a JPEG so I upload the screenshot of that. I upload the files now
  12. Hi everyone! I can not find a solution a problem I faced. I HDR merged and edited 2 pictures which I took with my phone trying to give a bit more life to it, and when I exported I got some nasty color noise. I converted the color format from 32 to 16bits and I already got the same result in Affinity... I also tried to flatten everything before exporting, rasterizing everything but still. You can also see on the first picture which filters I used, I applied some Gaussian blur on the pixel layer, soft light, overlay, glow and reflect blend modes. The clarity live filer has darken the denoise has overlay blend mode... Can someone tell me what causes this problem and how could I solve it? This happened to me already once before, but if I recall correctly I rasterized the pic and then I could export without distortion. Thank you in advance.
  13. Hi everyone! I would have a question about pdf exporting. I have multiple artboards in my design and I want to export them in one pdf as separate pages BUT I would like to have a page which contains all the artboards together too. How should I do this? Is it possible at all without creating a new artboard with all the other artboards's contents which would be included when I export the "page" slice? Thx. Z.
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