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Dennis Kallmer

Importing Fujifilm XT3 Raw Files into AFFINITY ?

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Having been an Adobe Elements user for years, I am tired of having to - either upgrade (expensive), or wait, for some time, until I can import and open Raw Files from a new camera.

Thus: 2 questions-

Does Affinity work with Fujifilm XT3 raw files?

If so, please advise step by step instruction on how to get a batch of Raw files into Affinity from SD card on a MAC. Is it as simple as Elements where they go into a new created folder, for eventual opening and editing? Sorry for this question, but it is important to know how Affinity handles 40 or 50 or more raw files from a SD card? 

Many thanks and looking forward to a new software!

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Hi Dennis Kallmer,

Welcome to the forums :)

Unfortunately the TX3 isn't currently supported by the Serif Labs or Apple Core RAW engine, hopefully we will add support for this camera in the future!

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Affinity may open the file, but it's likely that it won't be able to interpret the data correctly, so your images may look flat with no lens distortion applied, or wildly wrong (such as a totally black image).

Some users convert unsupported RAW images to DNG files before importing them into Affinity, but again we can offer no guarantees this will work correctly as the RAW data remains the same.

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