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  1. OK, I think I've found the culprit lol. Somehow I had the clipping alarms switched on, doh!
  2. Thanks, changing the RAW engine to Apple Core has improved the matter a lot, but still a few white pixels hanging around. However, now I also have a couple of blue line artefacts - see attached picture. I suspect it's Sony's aggressive lossy RAW compression that is the culprit, but other raw engines don't have this issue. Interestingly when I open a Fuji RAF files it doesn't like it at all! See second attachment. I don't remember having these issues before.
  3. Hi, I seem to getting some weird random white pixelation when I open Sony A7 .ARW raw files in Affinity on my Mac. See attached 100% screen grab. I don't see this at all in Capture One or RawTherapee. I think it's a processing error? Anyone get this?
  4. Yep, ability to edit the copyright field in the EXIF would be good.
  5. I've been getting some good results using Affinity Photo as my RAW convertor, anyone else on here use it for their X-Trans cameras?
  6. Not sure this is a bug but when I import 72dpi JPG's into the Panorama tool it outputs the stitched image as 96dpi. Is there a way of retaining the dpi of the files you import?
  7. Both KoBu and MEB's solutions work great for flowing text around an object or photo, especially if the text is justified.
  8. As far as I can tell the 1.7 beta improves the existing code and current tool functionality rather than add new features. I’m surprised it’s not been made into the production version by now. I can live with using Inkscape to trace but a perspective tool would be a nice everyday feature to have. I can use Inkscape to do it and import the EPS it until it arrives.
  9. Any news on Designer 1.7? Perspective skew would be a nice addition, especially with a mesh interface.
  10. Hi, I have a JPG which is 300dpi, when I change it to 96dpi and export it as JPG it exports at 300dpi - how come?
  11. As the title says it's stopped working, the round shape appears but no marching ants trail - it was working fine then suddenly stopped.
  12. I dabbled with C1 during my brief unhappy time with Sony and got better results than I was getting with LR but they're both very bloaty software and slowed my machine down. C1 is very popular for those who tether i.e. studio photographers. I know a lot of folk swear by Irident for Fuji RAW files but it's one I've not tried. Anyway, I'm very encouraged by AP, using the Serif convertor it's producing some really good results it just needs a basic lightbox, like Raw Therapee, for file sifting.
  13. I've been getting good results from Affinity Photo with my X-T1 and X-E2, but I'm still testing it out as a RAW convertor. I usually use Raw Therapee mainly because it has X-trans support but want to just use a single program. It's interesting how different companies apply the various parameters.
  14. Until Affinity supports the XT-3 fully you might like to use Raw Therapee? I believe that will open and edit RAW X-T3 files.
  15. Just wondered what you thought of the RAW convertor, and whether you use the Serif or Apple engine?
  16. Ahh, found it under Navigator. I always find the answer just after posting lol.
  17. Basic question but how do you display the zoom percentage in Photo? I can't seem to find it. I like to know what percentage I'm at full screen.
  18. Thank you, that works for me. Strange you have to use the absolute dimensions and annoying it doesn't remember for the next time you use it.
  19. I can change units from pixels to inches when the hand tool is selected but when I click the crop tool it reverts to pixels and it won't allow me to change to inches. How do I crop in inches? This is in Affinity Photo for the Mac. v 1.6.7
  20. No you can edit PDF in Photo, works very well. I don't have In-Design so have to find alternative ways.
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