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Spacing group: when I hover my mouse on the left indent number value and scroll my mouse wheel up or down, the value accordingly increases or decreases (I really like this feature!), however the first line indent value also increases or decreases right along with it.  I think this is a bug because this doesn't happen when I perform the same action on any of the other values in the Spacing group..

Arrowing up: I wanted to have a list that numbered 1.a.1, so to get the 2nd level counting to letters, I changed those paragraphs to type:a,b,c (haven't seen any way to customize my numbering formats, but also haven't looked too hard yet).  When arrowing up/down from the middle of a paragraph, there is no weirdness.  However when arrowing up with the cursor at the left-most position of a level 1 paragraph and into a level 2 paragraph, the cursor jumps from the left margin to strange positions going up.  Here's an example - read from the bottom up:

  1. [[cursor lands here, back where it started]]this is a level 1 paragraph with several lines
  2. this is another level 1 paragraph, pretend it also has several lines[[cursor lands here]]
    1. this is a level 2 paragraph with several
      [[cursor lands here]]lines and this is the second line
    2. more level 2[[cursor lands here, skipping paragraph below]]
    3. yet another level 2
  3. [[cursor lands here]]back to level 1
  4. [[start with cursor here]]and more level 1


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Hi Stitchadoodle,

The spacing issue you mentioned is By Design. The First Line Indent is relative to the left frame edge and not the Left Indent. So when you adjust the Left Indent we made sure to increase the First Line Indent at the same time to ensure the first line and rest of the text is evenly spaced. However you can further tweak the First Line Indent by adjusting just that value. Once you've tweaked that to your liking, adjusting the Left Spacing will retain the spacing as well!

With regards to your second issue, do you have a document set up that you could attach that demonstrates this please?

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