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In reference to a thread about a deal-breaker-problem that still persists in over a year see:

As >|< pointed out in this thread, "the current Affinity PNG exporter does not support variable opacity in an indexed-pallet image (commonly called PNG-8), hence the jagged edges."

A professional webdesigner uses PNG's quite often. If possible SVG, but PNG is still (and probably will remain) needed for specific artwork that is both small in file size and has professional transparent edges. As most of the webdesigners, that use Adobe software, know that since the CC version their new PNG exporter is quite brilliant. It exports clean, sharp and small PNG-files in 8-bit with (near) perfect transparency.

In my opinion, every webdesigner living and creating websites in 2018 and beyond, cannot have jagged edges OR large filesizes. And with Affinity you have to choose between these two.
The only workaround is extra software, or something like TinyPNG, through which you have to pull/batch every exported PNG-24 file in order to recreate what Adobe can do with one click.

The fact that you cannot export optimal PNG-8 files directly from the Affinity software, is a show-stopper. I think for every(!) webdesigner that wants to build good websites.
The workaround is no viable option - it's too complicated, slow and (very) inefficient.

There are quite some options in software, both offline and online that offer the same (or sometimes even slightly better) PNG-24 » PNG-8 conversions, so the technology is there.
But for me personally, i cannot use any Affinity product now because the end result (the export) is un-usable and needs an extra conversion in order to be used on the web.

This problem should be fixed as soon as possible, because i think that the effective (and professional) user-base of Affinity might double.
Why? Because now only fotographers of graphic-designers can use Affinity in day-to-day use. I don't believe that way more webdesigners will join Affinity, IF the PNG exporter gets improved to a professional standard.

Hope to see this get implemented » then i most probably will start using Affinity!

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