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I'm not having too much luck with stability and this version  :(


After using it a bit today, I've also experienced crashes when saving over an existing file (not exporting, but saving afdesign files with the "Save as" menu option - normal "Save" has been fine). It doesn't happen all the time unlike the "export over" crash which I still get but it happened quite a few times.


The crash report always seems to be around an issue with "/System/Library/Extensions/GeForceGLDriver.bundle/Contents/MacOS/GeForceGLDriver", if that helps.


I also had some random like crashes. Once it crashed on a very simple scene when I clicked in some empty space to deselect an object. :blink:


I'll post more info if I can figure out how to reproduce any of the above.

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Hi Gary,


That's not sounding very good - thanks for looking into this for us! :) Can I ask if it magically gets better if you restart your machine? (It sounds video-driver related and these things often act differently after a restart!)




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If it happens again, I'll try a restart and let you know. I haven't had any crashes on new files today.


My old "crash on export overwrite" issue always mentions the GeForceGLDriver, too but rebooting doesn't help as it crashes every time I try it

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