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Not Getting Good Results Cutting Out

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Hi, I'm pretty new to Affinity Photo after having used Photoshop for nearly 20 years. One thing I'm having a big problem with is getting clean cut-outs. I do this often to remove a person from a background. I watched several tutorials on the Affinity Photo Vimeo page on how to do this. It seemed straightforward until I started doing it myself. I used the Selection Brush to select the area to be cut out, then clicked on Refine. Using the Matte adjustment brush, I go around the edge of the image carefully with a fairly small brush. But even so, the selection always bleeds into the actual photo, so I then have to go back and redo it several times to get a fairly clean line. 

Here's an example of what I mean. This short screen capture video shows me tracing around the edge of an image. When I let go, the edge gets closer to where it should be, but then you can see red spilling into the darker areas which requires I go in and remove it.

It takes me so much more time to cut an image out of Affinity Photo than it does in Photoshop. I know this is probably due to learning a new way of doing this, but I spend an hour on an image yesterday and the result was not at all satisfactory. I had to clean up all the edges manually using a brush to carefully go around the edges to clean them all up. 

What am I doing wrong? These are the settings I'm using when refining and edge: 


I try to use a fairly small brush and go slow to avoid the selection running through edges, but it doesn't seem to make much of a difference. I don't understand why Photo is just ignoring the obvious edges in the photo and spilling over beyond the edge so much when I stay away from the edge when drawing around it. I followed the Affinity video tutorials, but can't get a clean edge.

Any suggestions or other tutorials that might shed some light on this would be very helpful. I do a LOT of cutting out in Photoshop and would need to do the same in Affinity Photo, but right now it's taking way too long and the results are not nearly as good. I really want to make this work if possible! 


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12 hours ago, Callum said:

Hi TomHu,

Welcome to the forums :)

Could you provide the file in question so I can try and recreate this behaviour?


Hi Callum, thanks for the welcome!

I just sent you a private message with a link to the photo. Thanks!

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