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Dragging simple SVG in simple document is very slow and causes App to 'stutter'

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Windows 10 - Publisher

I have a small Publisher document where I have inserted a simple SVG (Publisher thinks it is another document, don't know if this is relevant).
When I try to move the SVG, the App takes a second or more to show the movement and sometimes everything on the canvas windows disappears temporarily. Dragging other items in the document seems to be unaffected.
The document contains people's personal information so is there somewhere I can upload it in private so you can look at it?

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I've uploaded the document - hope it comes through okay.
(You can ignore the document layout, it's just something basic I've been playing around with.)
Try dragging the light bulb around on the lower-half of page 3.
My machine isn't slow but it can take up to around three seconds to actually move sometimes.

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The light bulb has had text wrap applied to it which is causing the slowdown . There appears to be an issue to wrapping with objects that consist of groups of curves which is already reported. Currently rasterizing the object can get around this problem whilst we investigate a solution.

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As far as I can tell, this issue isn't yet fully resolved in build 206.
It's intermittent, so difficult to give exact circumstances for testing, but I've had similar problems with other things such as dragging simple lines - Publisher-drawn lines, not SVGs - with no text wrapping applied to any layers in the spread.
I can start dragging something and there might be a lag of a second or more as the dragged object tries to catch up with the mouse pointer, like it's underwater. It sometimes happens not long after a document has been opened or it might take an hour or more to first occur. Also, it doesn't seem to matter what kind of layer, or the 'complexity' of the layer.
Most of the time even complex layers can be dragged around without any issues at all, the problem just happens sometimes without warning. There's no consistency - as far as I can tell - so it's difficult to report properly.
The documents I've been using are small - a few spreads at most with less than a dozen images - so there should be no memory issues, especially in 16GB with only a few other applications open.

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I figured out a solution to insert a vector, have text wrapping behave correctly and not bring the system to a halt.

  1. Create the base text frame and fill it with your text.
  2. 'Picture' place or 'Picture' frame place your vector.
  3. Create a shape in Publisher that is the same width and height or circular or otherwise boundary as the vector you just placed.
  4. Set the text wrapping on the shape you created that is the behavior you want over the text frame.
  5. Test that the wrapping is working on the newly created shape (with high performance...yea!).
  6. Align your placed vector on top of the shape you added and then group it with the background shape.
  7. Now feel free to move or resize the group (shape plus vector) and watch as the text responds without any slowdown

The compromise here is that it needs to be straightforward to create a shape boundary that is close to the vector you are inserting.  In most of my cases these vectors are rectangular or ellipse so the extra step does not take that long.


Text Wrapping with Vector.afpub

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