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trial version closes after opening any image

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i'm an happy affinity photo user since the very beginning with my old 2011 macbookpro. i recently bought a PC i tried to install it to see how AP works on it. it opens but it immediately closes after opening any kind of image format and even a new blank document. i can see the image on background but the warning message tells me that the application is gonna be closing. 

the message in italian says more or less this -> an excepion not manageble has occured. the software will quit

any halp? i really want to purchase a new licence but it seems buggy on my pc:

windows 10 home


i7-6700;  gtx970M; 16gs ram; 128 SSD; 

affinity photo

thanks in advance



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Hi @altanico,

Welcome to the forums. 

Can you try to reset the app? 

You can reset your app back to its default settings by holding down the CTRL key while launching the app. When the Clear User Data window appears, click Select All and then Clear. The app will now open.
Be aware that resetting your app back to its default settings will lose any custom settings such as keyboard shortcuts and brushes etc. To backup such settings before resetting the app, please watch our Affinity - Exporting User Settings and Keyboard Shortcuts video.

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i tried, but the problem is still there. it happened since the first launch of the app. the app itself opens everytime, the issue happens when a try to open an image (any format) or even a blank document

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