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  1. It worked! thanks a lot, i'll proceed to purchase it, thank you very much! unfortunately it's caused by my poor windows knowledge (i'm fairly new with this OS). thanks a lot!
  2. here you are thank u 1daf952f-954a-4925-b05e-4ea31e64da5b.dmp
  3. i tried, but the problem is still there. it happened since the first launch of the app. the app itself opens everytime, the issue happens when a try to open an image (any format) or even a blank document
  4. Hello, i'm an happy affinity photo user since the very beginning with my old 2011 macbookpro. i recently bought a PC i tried to install it to see how AP works on it. it opens but it immediately closes after opening any kind of image format and even a new blank document. i can see the image on background but the warning message tells me that the application is gonna be closing. the message in italian says more or less this -> an excepion not manageble has occured. the software will quit any halp? i really want to purchase a new licence but it seems buggy on my pc: windows 10 home MSI GS 40 i7-6700; gtx970M; 16gs ram; 128 SSD; affinity photo thanks in advance Nicola