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Erasing Part of an object by overlay with another object

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I am sorry if this question is already asked, but I could not find a solution to my problem.
I just started the trial version of Affinity Designer, and I have the following problem:

Consider two circles that are partially overlapping:
Is there any way to remove the region that is overlapping from one object?
Sure I could realize almost the same when I just place the second circle on the top layer and give it the background colour, but this is very annoying when creating larger objects.

I think this is basically an inversion of the mask function, where only the overlaying part is kept and everything else is hidden.



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Hi @snizl,

Welcome to the forums. 

You can achieve this by Boolean Operations. You can either Subtract or Divide. If you subtract, make sure you make a copy of your "top" layer as it's gonna be deleted by the operation. 




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