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Newbie here.

I notice that when I use the crop tool to straighten an image or remove parts of an image, it lists in the history the various steps that I have taken. For example, I perform the following using the crop tool, and the corresponding data is shown in the history.

Change mode of crop (to 16:9)                 Constrain Crop

Pan around                                                   Pan Crop

Resize                                                           Resize Crop

Rotate                                                           Rotate Crop


Then, when I click apply, all of that history is erased and replaced by "Raster Crop." It appears that only one action has been take on the image. Is it possible to undo each of the steps that make up that change. If I click Undo (or go back a step), I have to start from scratch. I would rather be able to back up a step or two, like to after I did the Pan Crop (in the above example), and then do the Resize and Rotate again.

Thanks for your help.

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It's the way the Crop Tool has been designed, up until you click Apply the different steps are logged on the History panel. This allows you to revert to a previous step while still in the  Crop tool.  However once Apply is clicked this is changed to one entry on the History panel. 

You can always post in our Feature Request section for changes to how this process is done.

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