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Show/hide multiple layers with a single action

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Showing or hiding arbitrary groups of contiguous layers is much faster in Photoshop, solely because Adobe is using a custom control that lets users click+drag. Since Designer uses a traditional checkbox for the same function, users must click each individual layer they wish to hide (or select the layers first and click one checkbox to affect all selected). I usually rail at Adobe for using non-standard UI affordances, but in this case it’s hugely beneficial to be able to show and hide vast numbers of layers at once. This is definitely one of those things that you do more often than you think!

Attached image illustrates this better than I’ve described it. Please let me know if I’ve overlooked something. Otherwise, it would be nice if Serif implemented a similar mechanism for Designer.


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ctrl+click or ctrl+shift+click your preferred layers and tick/untick the selection box works for me

Win10(1809)Home / Photo / Designer / Publisher & latest (beta) versions

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Click your first layer then hold the shift key down and click the last layer to select all the layers in-between

tick/untick any layer to affect them all


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