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Hi Andrew Bebb,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
It's a little too soon to know/disclose if and how templates will be included with the release version at this point. Maybe through downloadable extras as we have done with other apps, I really don't know. Apart from that there will be some sample files downloadable from the Welcome Screen as in our other apps for checking/exploring and help learning how to structure/setup certain documents types I believe. The current Beta already has an Affinity Brochure sample available for download.

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In regards to templates, will you be able to save or export a Publisher file as a Publisher template? I'm looking for this app to be useful in higher-ed where we have a lot of people making stuff who aren't designers. The pros would like to create templates for the non-pros to use, and Publisher seems like it will be the right price for admins and the like to purchase. I see us having a big site license for Publisher and then the central administration designers can produce templates that all of the department admins can use. Thanks.

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