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Does reverse on the gradient tool not work?

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I'm new to Affinity Designer on the iPad, so forgive me for this.  I have a linear gradient that I have applied and would like to reverse the gradient.  The contextual menu shows "Reverse" as an option, but tapping that does nothing.  Is there something I'm missing with this functionality?  I can see that something is done by looking at the history, but the gradient doesn't change at all.  The same can be said of the other buttons in the contextual menu, except for delete.

Thanks in advance!

Update:  I've tried the tool in a new document with just a rectangle with a gradient applied to it and the tool works as expected.  I also tried on a couple of the samples and it also works there.  Any ideas as to what in a document could cause it to not function?

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The linear gradient was applied to a vector object.

I'm not sure how exactly I fixed this issue, but it happened again in a new illustration I started - gradients old any type were basically uneducable with the fill tool.  What fixed this was selecting an object (vector with gradient) opening the color wheel, setting the focus on the gradient fill, and then editing the fill.  It's possible that it was applying it to a stroke that was set to zero.  I"m not sure.  Anyhow, thanks for the offer of assistance.  I'll chalk this up to growing pains in learning the app.

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Can confirm this happening to me too. I am not sure what caused it or what fixed it, but through the process of copying the gradient from one object and pasting the style on another, the gradient reverse button ceased to work. Even when later manually overriding the gradient with a new one, or selecting, deselecting the gradient points, or changing their colour.

Edit: I’ll try the above suggestion next time.

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