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Export on iPad to "Photos"

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Having edited an image on my iPad, I then export, select icloud and then photos folder and 'add', but the edited photo does not arrive in my standard photo library, which only holds the original.  What am I doing wrong?  If I share the edited image to the 'icloud photo sharing' app, still the edited photo fails to arrive within that app, as one would expect. And if I place it as file on iPad, I can only open it again in Affinity. So I am finding very difficult to establish a simple work flow, so a photo from the iPad's embedded photo library can be edited and stored along with the original in the same place.

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Hi SimonAM,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
To save the image to Photos, tap the Document icon on the top left, select Export, select the file format and desired settings, then tap the Share button in the bottom left( still in the Export window) and select Save Image (from the bottom column). The image will then be added to the Photos app. Tap Cancel to exit the Export screen in Affinity.

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