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  1. ChromaLinda

    Move tool keeps transforming

    Phil K., a fine example of the frustration of not being able to move an object! My experience too.
  2. I haven't been able to find out what the little icon on the Move tool's context toolbar does (a lock symbol within squares). I've watched the tutorial videos and played around with it but haven't found its purpose. Could someone please enlighten me?
  3. ChromaLinda

    Move tool keeps transforming

    Iā€™m also having this issue, Move tool selected, but the selected object keeps transforming. I use an Apple pencil also. I tried deselecting and selecting again, but the transforming sometimes happens then too. ā€”ā€”ā€” Well, after trial and error, I noticed I have much better success if I do not select the object first and then try to move it, but instead DEselect it and use the move tool without tapping the object first. Sometimes it will move if already selected, but results seem more consistent if the object is not selected. Fantastic app overall! Really enjoying learning my way around it, the combo of vector and raster is awesome! Extremely well thought out for iPad use!