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Working with front-end integrator

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Imagine this situation :

A designer on Mac draw some design for a website with Affinity studio. Now he have to give his work  to a front-end integrator in charge to make it alive.

The front integrator don't have any Affinity license. He could read .psd file, but the .psd exported file rasterize font, so he can't get any information on it. He can read .svg file too, but he don't know any web prototyping tool (like invision, Figma, avocado, etc...) that can read properly .svg file, and this is sad because those are very useful tool for team working :)!

How do you deal with this situation ?


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He's working on linux. But he have got dual boot installation on his computer with windows to run photoshop, with only purpose of reading .psd file sent by designer, when they use this format.

For know the best solution we found is to use the .svg export of Affinity, then he could read every data he need with Inkscape. An other solution is to simply buy him a Affinity licence, it's not very expensive  :)

But I'm not looking for a specific solution, I'm mainly curious about how do people when working with developper without an Affinity licence, if there is some prototyping tool we can use (like Invision, Avocode, Figma, etc), or whatever.

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