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black-point levels-picker.. missing blending modes?

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I decided to give Affinity Photo another go .. my workflow keeps changing / evolving so I thought to just try it to see if it's more usable these days compared to the early 1.5 beta's.

I'm running into a few things where I'm thinking that I'm just missing it, or there must be another 'affinity-way' to do it.

I can't seem to find a way to set the levels overlay to a specific blackpoint by sampling the image. Like the basic 'black, mid and white point' droppers in the levels-dialogbox. I only need black-point for now, but can't seem to find any of those.

Now, I need to open the info tab, add a color sampler to a specific point (maybe even add a blur-fx underneath if I want average values, because the color sampler doesn't seem to have a size control.. the color-picker does, but not the color sampler). I drop it on the point, and I can get RGB values in the 0  - 255 range. But the levels-overlay takes values in percent.. so I need to convert the values from the color sampler to percent by doing  (x / 255) * 100, and enter those values manually in the R, G and B channels in the levels-overlay... quite a bit of work!


The other thing that I can't seem to find (and must surely exist somewhere) is the 'Divide' blending mode. I hovered over all the blending modes but none do what I expect from 'Divide' , so it doesn't seem to be a simple naming-difference.

Now, I have to duplicate a channel and use 'Apply image' with another layer and enter 'DR / SR', 'DG / SG' and 'DB / SB' in the formulas to divide one layer by another layer. Not as slow as the levels-black-point but still a lot harder than just selecting the Divide blend mode and keep on going...


Where are those functions in Affinity (I'm on and / or what are they called because I can't seem to find them.

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Just wanna +1 the divide mode and sampling black, grey and white points. Thanks @jorismak, I Had no idea about apply Image and will try it out. Both of those things are nice to have for CC of scanned colour negatives , and would bring Affinity p much on par w PS for me, unlike for >l< hah

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Not sure if it makes sense to add this here but, in order to remove a color mask with Apply Image on iOS, I have to first save the colour mask as a separate file, since only the current layer can be sampled. So, who do I pray and send money to to get Divide blending mode added? I can manage without sampling black points by eye, and this would allow me to ditch the desktop altogether for processing negatives :D

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