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  1. One more vote for the divide blending mode. Indispensable for film negative orange mask removal
  2. Not sure if it makes sense to add this here but, in order to remove a color mask with Apply Image on iOS, I have to first save the colour mask as a separate file, since only the current layer can be sampled. So, who do I pray and send money to to get Divide blending mode added? I can manage without sampling black points by eye, and this would allow me to ditch the desktop altogether for processing negatives
  3. Just wanna +1 the divide mode and sampling black, grey and white points. Thanks @jorismak, I Had no idea about apply Image and will try it out. Both of those things are nice to have for CC of scanned colour negatives , and would bring Affinity p much on par w PS for me, unlike for >l< hah
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