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Hi @djjss I believe you should make it this way. 

A community of peoples using Affinity products and coding "plugins" to make life easier to others. 

But... I propose you first talk devs to see if they actually allow such things. 

I know there is a strong community around Sketch working to code useful functionalities that help (themes included) but Affinity is another game with another philosophy. 

Or simply you code something that work and share here (in the share your work topic)  and see if devs will add it one day or if others here will like it and help you make iy better. 


Can be a great start but you need to make sure this fits

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Well, sorry for not specify very well.. I explain here:

i would like that Affinity make a software (IDE) for make GUI in python. That you create the template in affinity designer and you do in the Affinity Python IDE for example. Will be very great something like that. That in the IDE you select if you will use PyQt5, Tkinter, wxpython, gtk, etc...


Sorry again for not explain well in the first time, I was sleepy.


what y'all think?

I'm for sure buy this IDE if you make it

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