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  1. Hello: On Windows 7 when I try to check the Hardware Acceleration option under Performance in Preferences, it tell me, Unsupported Machine Configuration, with the following msg: Well, I upgrade to Windows 10, to be able to use this option, I updated every single driver, and still don't letting me mark this option. As u can see, it require "Windows 10.0.19042" the same Windows version I have, I updated the direct X, openGL, everything, and still don't let me mark the option. My video card is "Nvidia GeForce GTX 760" with Adapter RAM of "20488 MB (2GB)". Here is m
  2. Hello I don't know if I'm asking in the right place, but here we go.. I would like that when you update any affinity version, the change log appear in the front screen, so, we don't have to go trough the web site and look for the change log in the forum, so, we can have access to it from the software.
  3. When you create a selection (marquee) and then go to: "Select -> Edit Selection As Layer", then try to move that selection, it crash completely (Don't even say Goodbye). Anyone else have the same bug?
  4. Wooww.. Even they been updating it, still dont have a lot of essentials features in both (photo and designer). I have to use 2 softwares for make some designs and sometimes sucks, just cause designer dont have some features..
  5. Hello: I was wondering if there a way that you set a constraints or something that you make the text to the same size that the box, but if you write something more long, instead you have to resize manually, it resize for keep the size. For example: I draw a Rectangle with 4 inch width and 4 inch height, then I make the TextBox with the same size width (4 inches) and inside the textbox I have "Test", then I change the word "Test" to "Let's test more" and the textbox keep the 4 width inches, just down the Font points automatically for keep the 4 inches width. There a w
  6. Hello: I did read that y'all don't have in mind make a animation software, but I really would like that y'all make one, there a lot of peoples that would like that Affinity make a animation software. I'm willing to pay for it. I would like that in the future y'all expand the software area to something like following: - Animation Software. - Video Editor Software. - 3D software. - IDE for web programming or even desktop application (Using affinity designer for the GUI and pass the design to the IDE and continue working with it). I would like please put so
  7. How can I move this topic to Future request?? I smoked something that I posted in Support...
  8. I don't know if I said or report the issues that Affinity Designer have (I didn't tried in Photo, I don't know if have the same Issue) when you make a curve with brush or Pen Tool and then you expand this stroke/curve and the corners instead look smooth, looks like polygon, sharp and I have to fixed. Sometimes look smooth, sometimes looks sharp. I would like that you can apply wrap/envelope to a text without convert the text to a path (like in Corel). Some features for the future: An additional color palette similar that Inkscape and Corel, but I would like something more origin
  9. I can do the Wrap in affinity Photo, but it convert it to a Pixel Layer, the ironic is that I want do something in Affinity Designer, then I have to wrap the text or object in Affinity Photo, it convert it to a Pixel and then I have to use another software for trace the bitmap of this Pixel with the Wrap and then pass to Affinity Designer and continue working... Nobody want to do that. I'm just doing it because I want use Affinity Software, but is too much work and sometimes the trace bitmap no do the work well and I have to edit the nodes... I think that I will gonna stop using affinity for a
  10. Why they dont launch the version that they have right now and the continue update it?? They are giving time to another graphics designers to move back to another software again. A bunch of peoples moved to Affinity, but now some are moving back to another softwares, I not want do that, but there tools that I need that Affinity dont have yet. In 2019 the percentage of peoples that use affinity will decrease if they dont launch at least one version with new tools. C'mon Serif, we need your power before 2019 Please!!
  11. Hello: I would like report issues or problems with expand stroke in affinity designer. When I do a curve, for example a straight line, and then I convert it to stroke, both end of the lines, instead have this pretty curved, have some sharped nodes and if you do 5 lines, and yo do that, you have to modify all 10 ends (left and right) for dont look with this sharped nodes. The other issues is when do to a curve and then you modify the pressure of that, and then you expand it, it messed up almost all curve and dont look like is suppose to look. When you do complex curves, like a ci
  12. Hello... I know that y'all are working in the road map, and one of the features asked (trace bitmap).. Here I will give y'all a image that I would like that the quality of this be so good that can convert kind of this images... you can select another for examples... but I know that That one is pretty difficult. I tried different software and cannot give good result... Hope you can do better. Here is the image. Be creative in add tools for do this kind of stuff. I will love more affinity, I love it right now but I will love more with this and I know that
  13. This sound really good. I never thought in that, really good Idea... But the problem is that Affinity Photo and Designer is created from scratch (Everything) and if they will improve gimp, it will be little messy in this aspect. They will work more and more harder adding, changing, removing things from Gimp code than create everything from scratch... But if they contract Gimp employers for do that, it will be a great help... Affinity can buy Gimp for do that, but then, the open source community of Gimp will be look very affected and irritated for that... They can leave Gimp open source and mak
  14. I saw it, but don't look like in this video that Ben post.
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