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I have read somewhere that AP cannot create Spherical (360) panos, is this correct?? If so, what can software(s) can produce, handle/stitch, create Spherical (360) Panos?? I am using a drone to capture the individual images and need an appropriate software package to create the 360 Pano. I was under the impression that AP could handle/produce the 360 Panos before purchasing, etc. Now I am learning it is more of a great editing tool for an already created spherical (360) Pano Image... Any info would be greatly appreciated. 


Thank you.

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Hi @ScoutPro,


Welcome to the forums. 


A quick answer would be no. Affinity does not have a built-in 360 panorama stitch. You can edit Panoramas 360x180 as an equirectangular image, but you cannot create a 360 "spherical" panorama from individual photos, as it requires addition exif info from a 360 camera. You can, however, edit any stitched 360 panoramas in Affinity. See below for tutorials:





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> If so, what can software(s) can produce, handle/stitch, create Spherical (360) Panos??


A whole bunch of years ago now - back when I was still seriously interested in "proper photography" xD - I had AutopanoGiga from Kolor for some very fancy pano stitching.  The company is still active (having joined GoPro in 2015), so you might want to check out their offerings.  From a very brief glance, their software has evolved considerably from when I was an enthusiastic user.  (Checking my last installed version, I see it was dated 2011.  This was around about the time they were coming out with video stitching and not just still images.)


I presume there alternatives out there but, if nothing else, consider this a starting point.  Hope it helps…

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I use Microsoft ICE (Image Composite Editor). It does a good job, even with hand-held photos. 3 rows of 8 photos each, taken with my Samyang 14mm lens are enough to cover the sphere. This software is free. If you take photos using a tripod or intelligently, when you are hand-holding your camera, it will provide satisfactory results. It has a mind of its own and you don't have any control. So the method you use to take photos is a very important factor.


A little bit here and there can be patched up in Affinity. But as long as the panorama has the ratio of 2:1 and the proper EXIF data, you can't go wrong. You can always transfer EXIF from another photo if required. I do it online at https://www.imgonline.com.ua/eng/copy-photo-metadata.php


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