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Hey everyone!


Do you know if there is a way in Affinity Designer to mirror the rotation of handles that are not aligned by 180° to each other?


I also attached an image to illustrate this (I've got H1 and H2 and want to place H1 to H1 new):


(EDIT: In the image, the distance from the node to H2 and from the node to H1 new are different. It should be the same, though. Using shift + dragging the handle will snap it to the same distance, but also force it to snap back to 0°)




Also, when I make changes to a node's handles (N1 in the following image), can I paste those changes to another node (, maybe including mirroring, which in this case would be needed)?




I could modify the data in 3D applications and import it back using SVG, but that approach seems kind of overkill and not like an efficient workflow.


Thanks for any ideas,




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I think we’ll need to wait for the new snapping options in version 1.7.

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Maybe there is a way by snapping to other objects that are only used for this purpose.

As far as I read, 1.7 doesn't have an ETA, so it may take quite a while. Well, if anything else fails, going back to pixels for this task it is.



Alright, it seems you can't snap the handles at all, not even to nodes or layer bounds.



It's not as flexible, but in this case, using symbols solved both problems.

The official tutorial can be found here:


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