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Hi guys,

I am trying to get the text into a path, for example a circle. I can see how to to put the ON a path, but I can't figur our how to put it INSIDE it (in the most non-sexual way possible :P)

I attached a screenshot of what I'm trying to achieve, made with Fireworks.

Thank you kindly :)


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I think to be accurate you want to align text to give the impression of a specific shape, rather than fit it inside a path.  Here's an example using text inside a shape, as per the link in the previous post, and a separate ellipse with a border to give added definition to the text shape:




If you're dropping text into an ellipse or circular shape you'll want to set the alignment to centred justified. You'll also need to play with the line spacing (leading), text size and possibly even the word order to get a pleasing effect. If your text starts with a long word, it won't fit well at the top of the shape. The word spacing above is horrendous, especially in the shorter lines, but I don't know enough about AD to adjust it. Hyphenation might help - does AD hyphenate?




Better with smaller text?



Edited by h_d
Added a screen shot - plus changed suggestion about alignment to Centre Justified

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thanks for the help guys :)

Any idea how to break apart the text from the shape? Or, for example, how to achieve the same thing with an already existent text, without having to click inside the path, and copy/paste the text from anothre source, and then copy/paste the style from that source. It's more like a workaround than the way it should be :)

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No, cause the text needs some sort of certain shape to be squeezed in and in order to flow according to its geometric contours.

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