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Hi forum,


On both Photo and Designer, I'm often confused by when my vector stroke styles are either inherited from the last object I create or not.
I can't work out the rules for how this happens - can anyone advise on how to control this behaviour either way?


Similar issues when I just want to draw a new vector with a new fill colour. So I might select the previous vector layer because I want to insert a new object in front of it. This object will always inherit the style of the one I have selected, which is often not what I want, and can make it hard to see the new shape. I have to change the fill and stroke afterward to stand out against the underlying object.


I'm sure I'm missing something simple here!!



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Each tool will retain the settings from when it was last used. You can reset the Fill and Stroke back to their default Black & White via a keyboard shortcut. Open Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts, set the first dropdown to Draw or Photo and the second to Miscellaneous and look for Set fill to Black & White.

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