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  1. Are you able to help further Callum?
  2. Callum - I am. The pencil is lifted from the screen for me to perform pinch and rotate gestures..
  3. I’m struggling with pixel persona in Designer on iPad as I keep triggering a gesture shortcut that brings up the colour picker loop when using the brush tool. This means I regularly sample new colours by accident and then have to manually revert to the colour I was using before. I can’t quite work out what combination or sequence of gestures I am performing!! It seems to involve brief taps with 2 fingers, usually when I’m trying to rotate the canvas, but I can’t work out a consistent combo. help please!!
  4. I do have a 2nd monitor attached yes. Neither of them are Scaled though.
  5. Quite often I find that after zooming around a pixel layer, the image ends up cropped into the upper left of the canvas, as per the screenshot attached. (Should look like the 2nd screen shot) The only resolution seems to be to reopen the image. Any ideas?
  6. Thanks Lee. I already had the touch settings, but I’m still hitting some sort of shortcut to pick a new color. Must be a gesture based thing. I can’t recreate it - only do it by accident! For the resize question I may not have explained myself well... Imagine I’ve had drawn a circle that I then want to be half its original size - so not the size of the selection, but the ratesterised area I’ve selected (not a vector object)
  7. 1. When making a selection on a raster layer, how might I resize the selected region? E.g. If I’ve started drawing too large and want to reduce the size of the elements I have drawn to fit in the feet for instance. 2. When drawing I often find that if the side of my hand rests on the pad surface, I mistakenly select a new color. As I tend to be working on the grayscale, this usually means I switch from black to white. I can’t quite work out what shortcut I might be hitting! Advice appreciated
  8. Thanks Lee. Any advice on the second bit? i.e. how to draw a differently styled object in front of the layer you have selected
  9. Thank Alfred. Where is the Transform panel though??
  10. Is it possible to skew a vector primitive in the same way as in the desktop versions?
  11. Hi forum, On both Photo and Designer, I'm often confused by when my vector stroke styles are either inherited from the last object I create or not. I can't work out the rules for how this happens - can anyone advise on how to control this behaviour either way? Similar issues when I just want to draw a new vector with a new fill colour. So I might select the previous vector layer because I want to insert a new object in front of it. This object will always inherit the style of the one I have selected, which is often not what I want, and can make it hard to see the new shape. I have to change the fill and stroke afterward to stand out against the underlying object. I'm sure I'm missing something simple here!!
  12. Thanks DWright - I didn't know I could change the RAW engine. I simply open the file in AP straight into develop mode. Where can I check this setting? (Sample RAW attached) EDIT: I can see that I am using the Serif engine, but the file itself came via Apple Photos - i.e. imported to library, then Exported original for use in AP P1004519.RW2
  13. Quick question - I have just started to using Panasonic RW2 files in AP from a GH5. It seems a lot harder to get a pleasing result than with the Nikon raws I've used in the past. The default treatment is very flat, undersaturated but I'm having trouble producing a pleasing developed image. (see attached image for example) Ramping up the saturation only helps marginally, curves adjustments too. Does anyone have a good workflow for GH5 image processing they have established? Many thanks.
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