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A have a plain coloured rectangle as the bases of my design. I want to add some text onto this layer but instead of the text being filled with a colour I would like the text to be transparent so that when I use the graphic the text will change colour depending on what it is layered above, is this possible?


I find the simple things seem to be the hardest to do. #LovingAD


Many thanks, 


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Hi RJH@ParcelFast,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Here's two ways to do it:


1. You can change the Blend Mode of the text layer/object from Normal to Erase (select the text layer, tap the three dots icon on the top of the Layers Studio and set the switcher below the Opacity slider from Normal to Erase). This will "erase" the text from everything below it. Since you want the text to affect only the rectangle (open a "hole" through it only and not everything below) group the two objects so the blend mode only affects the rectangle). This method keeps the text editable. [EDIT] Seems there's a bug here preventing the erase blending mode from staying selected - it revers back to normal blend mode. Issue logged to be looked at [/EDIT]


2. Use boolean operations to actually subtract the text from the rectangle - this changes the letter's geometry permanently so the text will not be editable anymore. To do this make sure the text layer is above the rectangle layer in the Layers Studio, select both the  text and rectangle layers, tap the three dots icon (the ellipsis) on the top left of the interface and select Geometry ▸ Subtract.

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