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Hide overlapping part of rotated objects in Designer

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Drawing something by rotating is OK as long as nothing is overlapping. I tried a daisy (Daisy.afdesign) and cannot manage that the last leave at 5 o’clock comes on top of the start-leave = 6 o’clock  AND remain below the leave at 4 o’clock. It should work using boolean function but what ever I’ve tried …  only the wrong portions got cut off.


Is there a way to have TWO boolean relations do the trick? The other optien I could only think of would be to apply boolean (DaisyBoolean.afdesign)  and cover the not wanted green line at 5:30 via a hand-drawn orange layer.



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8 minutes ago, MEB said:

Hi affni,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Create a copy of the layer 5 plus the next above it in the Layers panel, move them to the top of all petals then perform a subtract boolean operation between the two. Hide the original layer 5.

See attached file below.




thanks for your quick help. I obviously was on the right track with boolean but my logic was confused.

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