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Hi there

I'm just buy Affinity Designer and downloading from Apple Store (I have Mac)... I wondering some questions..

Why in my Affinity account there is nowhere my downloads, and my order history is empty???..

Secondary and minor importance.. this BONUS - Grade UI Kit... it's only for windows users???... 

Third... if I need to install again the software... how can I do it??? because in Mac it's making auto-install..

one more... Downloads & Product Keys in my Affinity account is empty.....


Many thanks

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Hi Portokalis,


Welcome to the forums :)


Q1 : This is because you purchased through the Mac App Store so your purchase is handled by the App Store

Q2: You can download the Grade Ui kit from the welcome screen within the app.

Q3: You can re download the app from the Purchases tab of the Mac App Store.



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Hi Portokalis,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

1. The Mac App Store (which is managed by Apple) and the Affinity Store (managed by us) are not linked in any way, so you will not find any info about your purchase on the Affinity Store.

2. The Grade UI Kit is available for both Windows and Mac through the Welcome Screen.

3. To (re)install the application later or on a second computer, go to the Mac App Store on that computer - make sure you are logged in with the same Apple ID used to buy the app on the original computer -, go to Purchased tab on top and install the app from there.

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