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Powers-inspired title sequence still

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It's been a while since I posted anything new so, inspired by watching the "Powers" TV series, I decided to try something a bit different (again).

The characters were created by manually tracing over some pictures and then modifying the results. I've also added some subtle shading and textures to try and give it a bit of a grungy look.
My illustration skills could be described as either (a) having a certain naive charm, or (b) just plain terrible, so I didn't expect much but I think it's a reasonable first attempt that I'm fairly happy with (although a lot of attention would still be needed if I was making it for something real).

Does anyone know what this kind of illustration is called? It would be nice if I could search for it and get some tips.


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Minimalistic comes to mind.

In a way like Saul Bass would have done
I like the style myself very much.
One point of criticism though,I would make the blue part a tad lighter to make the black stand out more.



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@haakoo Thanks for the feedback. Saul Bass is a good starting-point for some reading, so thanks for that too.

As for the colour, I think you are probably right but, because of the way I've used a combination of noise, textures and blend modes, lighter colours can come out a bit two-tone. It should be lighter though so that's something for me to look at to see if I can do it a better way. Cheers.

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