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Affinity extensions appearing twice in Apple Photos High Sierra

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I have started by using affinity free trial as extensions to Apple Photos running under High Sierra. After purchasing Affinity Photo, I had to delete the free trial application. But all extensions appears in double in Apple Photos (probably once for the free trial version, that exists no more on my MacBook Air, and once for the official paid version of Affinity). How can I remove from the Apple Photo display the extensions that are linked to the free trial version of Affinity ? It is not a blocking issue but it is very annoying to have these double entries...


I have tried to capture a screen shot, but Apple Capture won't take a picture of the Apple Photos screen WITH the extension call activated :-(


Thanks in advance for the assistance !



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Hi Dominique,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

They should have been removed automatically for you. If they still appear in Apple Photos empty the Trash if you have dragged the trial to it and then restart the computer. 


Although they should not appear anymore after the restart there's another place where you can disable them: run System Preferences, go to the Extensions section, select Photos on the list on the left and untick the extenions you want on the list on the right.



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