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  1. Hello, I am an amateur with the following configuration: MacOS 10.14.6 Mojave, Affinity 1.8.4, Canon PIXMA TS6150. I shoot both digital and film, and the problem I describe here is the same in both case (scanned negative with VueScan or digital RAW files from my Fuji X-series camera) I do not intend to invest in a 1000 € printer, and my choice of the Pixma TS6150 is because of a good reputation in producing almost professional grade photo prints up to A4. And I have to say that when a print is good... it is good. The problem is that I don't manage to get a correct workflow for printing, and I am lost when I try to understand the discussions on these issues that I can find here or elsewhere. I know there is no ICC profile for my printer ;-(. One typical example is that the print are clearly blueish compared to the results that I get both on my MacBook screen (properly calibrated according to Apple) and my ViewSonic screen (properly calibrated according to ViewSonic). The results on both screens are consistants, but the output on the printer is ... a disaster ! Attached files gives a good idea of the problem, best illustrated in B&W: the "capture d'écran" is a good idea of what I get in AP, the B&WPrint is a scan giving a good idea of the printed output... Can anyone drive me through any kind of solution (outside of buying a pro-printer that I cannot afford) Thanks in advance
  2. I have started by using affinity free trial as extensions to Apple Photos running under High Sierra. After purchasing Affinity Photo, I had to delete the free trial application. But all extensions appears in double in Apple Photos (probably once for the free trial version, that exists no more on my MacBook Air, and once for the official paid version of Affinity). How can I remove from the Apple Photo display the extensions that are linked to the free trial version of Affinity ? It is not a blocking issue but it is very annoying to have these double entries... I have tried to capture a screen shot, but Apple Capture won't take a picture of the Apple Photos screen WITH the extension call activated :-( Thanks in advance for the assistance ! Dominique
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