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Is there a way to create an offset path around an object?  


I would like to create stickers and I'm hoping that I can create a cut line around the shape and send it to my cutter using affinity.


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You can add a stroke to your object and then adjust the weight of the stroke to the desired thickness (this will match the shape of your object) and then go to Layer - Expand Stoke and I believe it will produce the effect that you are after. If your object already has a stroke, then duplicate the object and then expand the stroke (don't forget to either delete the middle part of the duplicated object or set the fill to be none).


Good luck,


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That worked!  It was a little more complicated with text but I eventually got it to produce the effect that I was looking for.  Thank you.


Steps needed for Text outline:


Create text with art text tool. (hint-click and drag to change the size of your text)

Click on move tool and Convert text to curves

Select Stroke color and adjust stroke width to desired thickness

Select Layer and expand stroke from menu

Select your text again and click on ungroup

Select Layer and expand Stroke from menu a second time

Now click on the add icon under the operations on the tool bar to combine the outline curves into one entity

Change the stroke to about 1 point and change the fill to none.

Optionally, go back and regroup your text so it is easier to move.


This gave me the desired look that I was hoping for.  It's not as simple as in Ai but I'm hoping that once the developers create a trace tool it will make life easier.



Second Screen shot is what cutter will follow. 






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