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Hi forum,


First of all I have to say I'm am very very happy about affinity photo, I love it!


What I'd like to see, the possibility to copy / paste onto layer masks (pixel layer masks as well as adjustment/effect layer masks), and to edit the current layer mask with the quickmask function.

– For instance, you have applied one of those sharpen-effects to some areas, and then you want to try out a different sharpen-effect, you could simply copy the old effect mask and copy it onto the new one to see the comparison. At the moment, you can make a selection your of the current mask, and then paint within these areas onto the new mask, but this only works with simple masks, and it's more a workaround. 


And even nicer – as it is possible in PS: to be able to perform pixel adjustments (the basic ones like contrast, brightness – but maybe even effects like gaussian blur) on to layer masks.

– Let's say you have a complex pixel or adjustment layer mask with some grey, black and white areas, and then you want to increase the "middletone of the effect" a bit. Then you could simply select that mask and adjust contrast and brightness of the masks. Or the edges of an effect are too sharp, then you could apply the blur effect onto that layer mask to unsharpen them.




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Nice suggestions Juergen.

The masking features are still relatively basic compared to other softwares on the marked for some time but they should be improved as we move forward with the development.

Thanks for your feedback and welcome to Affinity Forums :) 

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