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Lens correction for FZ300 on Mac OS 10.13.1

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When importing RW2 files from my Panasonic DMC-FZ300 into Affinity Photo on my iMac (OSX 10.13.1) no automatic correction is applied by the Develop Assistant using the RAW Engine: Serif Labs setting. The other RAW Engine setting available is Apple (Core Image RAW). When that setting is chosen the Apply lens corrections and Apply color reduction fields are grayed out and no correction is performed. Apple clearly know how to correct my RW2 files since the Apple Preview app does it. 


How can I get Affinity Photo to use the Apple (Core Image RAW) correction?


I'm new here and don't know if saying Thanks is appropriate, but thanks for any help.



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Hi Tey and Welcome to the Forums.


The Apple RAW Engine will auto apply Lens correction and isn't something we can enable/disable which is why that option is greyed out when using the Apple RAW Engine.  I've downloaded a sample image from a FZ300 and the Lens Correction is being applied when i'm using the Apple RAW engine (see attached screenshot).  I've also attached a screenshot of the same image open using the Serif Labs Engine and as you can see in the upper left and right corners there is some slight vignetting that isn't present in the 1st screenshot.


If you can start up Affinity, don't open an image and click View>Assistant Manager>Develop Assistant and make sure the RAW Engine is set as Apple RAW and then open your image.  If it's not appear corrected, then we will need to get a sample file from you to see whats happening5a252594a633b_SerifLabsNoCorrection.thumb.png.01089c9ade99e5c72954b20a8f83ba8e.png.

Apple RAW Engine.png

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Hi stokerg,


I understand now. I had assumed that Develop Assistant>RAW Engine just selected the engine to be used and that you would then have to activate something like Lens corrections: to perform the actual corrections. I'll go back to my test images and work with this.


By the way, if I start up Affinity without opening an image (as you suggested) then View>Assistant Manager... is grayed out. However it does become available after opening an image.


Thanks for you help.


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