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Dmitri Rabounski

Affinity Photo print manager should be updated

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When printing a fine art image from, I say, your catalogue (targeting sales at a gallery etc.), you need to make the same size as mentioned in the catalogue. That is, if the artwork is mentionwd as 26.4 x 34.7 cm, you must print it only in this size.


In Photoshop, its print manager manifests both per cent of the image scale and also the physical size of the scaled image. That is, for example:  typing 26.4 cm in the Photoshop print manager, we get the desired size of the printed artwork.


It is impossible to do in the cirrent version of Affinity photo :-( 

Yes, Affinity Photo print manager provides the possibility of scaling percentage. But no one person even a mathematics genius can guess how many per cents shoild be typed therein to produce, I say, the desired 35.7 cm or 21.4 cm. I maybe missed something important in Affinity Photo print manager, but it sems that the said above is unfortunately true :-(


This is a serious gap in Affinity photo from the viewpoint of a professional. We print not travel photos at a Kodak Express, but photo-artworks targeting collectionners who like pay many hundreds of Pounds for each of the offprints (also, reproductions of Medieval engravings are considered). So, the printed size should match the same size as mentioned in the catalogue of artworks made by Duerer or Bruegel or a contemporary fine art photographer.


I sure that this gap should be imprived in Affinity Photo print manager as soon as ppssible in the next release. Otherwise, those who migrated to Affinity Photo from Photoshop (migration to Affinity Photo is a very popular among professionals) may go back to Photoshop due to the impossibility of printing exact size from Affinity Photo.


Thank you for your time. I hope on your help.

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