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I'm quite new to AD, so these might be stupid questions, but I couldn't find any answers. 


Is there a way to turn a rubber band (path preview) for the pen tool? 


Is there a way to make the selection in the align menu permanent? For example, I want the shapes to align to last selected object. If I align them in the menu, it works as exected. If I align them by clicking the direct icons in the toolbar, the key object is disregarded. It is very cumbersome having to click twice and waiting for the menu to show up. (I know the animation is not that long, but just clicking the icon is way faster)


Is there a way to align nodes with the align tools? Currently if two nodes are selected, it aligns the whole object to the artboard. 


These are pretty essential things for my workflow and are all present in Illustrator. So I hope there are simple ways to do what I need in Affinity, because I actually like it a lot.

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Still no rubber band  preview ?

A professional graphic design prog really ought  be prioritize  the pen tool, or is Serif targeting casuals.

Even Inkscape has it.

Oh well,  maybe some plug-in company, like Astute graphics will step in and provide what the main company neglects to.

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