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  1. Very rarely ? not true All these companies have Undo/redo button on the interface: Sketchup , Autodesk, Corel, ACD Systems, Xara, FlexiSign Cinema4D and even Serif's own earlier software IN fact the only professional software I have ever tried, NOT to have undo/redo (unless it was buried somewhere) is Quarkxpress, Perhaps that's where Adobe and now the Affinity lads got the bright idea from..., Maybe all those companies were wrong to offer the choice, and should have forced the user down the ctrl zee route. The fact you can map Undo to the side of a Wacom
  2. One of the things i hate about Adobe is the lack of dedicated < Undo Redo > and Delete button on the interface. Just checked and AD hasn't got them either... Guess they don't want to offend the Ctrl zee, keyboard shortcut fanatic crowd , who would find such things vulgar and offensive. Plus no isometric tools or plugins like AI Upshot I've just RENEWED by Adobe Subscription..
  3. it might well be on that science program:, Serif set to release another black hole that swallows all the light
  4. Still no rubber band preview ? A professional graphic design prog really ought be prioritize the pen tool, or is Serif targeting casuals. Even Inkscape has it. Oh well, maybe some plug-in company, like Astute graphics will step in and provide what the main company neglects to.
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