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Tom Schülke

Workflow comparison for Architects

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Hallo dear people from affinity,

first i have to admit , that i love your program. It allready has got a very complete and great toolset when it comes to refining images and photos and for sure is on one level with Adobe photoshop, just for an increadible smal amount of money..       After researching the toolset of this program for my architectural company, i still can say it is a great program.   But there are areas of the program, that are just much slower , thinking of the workflow of a usual architectual company, and the way Architects have to deal with competitions. 

Especialy in this area, in this most important workflow for architects, the way we have to construct Plans, Affinity Photo is not on one level in comparison to Photoshop. 

So i hope very very much, that this can be improved. So please dear people of Affinity Photo, take my post to your develloperteam, and have a look at it. I know making Software is a complicated task, and even more, because you have to deal with compatibility tasks to other Companys, that for sure won´t like to help you (thinking of pdf files.... for example)..   But even Germany has got about 130 000 Architects, and most of them at the moment depend on using Photoshop at some moment in Competitions,  So just think of this market...  :).    

and maybe in a later release, we can get an improved workflow also for architects and not only for photographers...      thanks..     so  here comes a link to a video i  recorded  just to show you the workflow of Architects, using Affinity, compared to Photoshop.. 



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Well let me explain on thing furthermore...

In this workflow we Architects use linked and embedded pdf or eps files just because.   untill the last moment in Competitions, we allways have to be flexible and have to change things. 

This will be done in CAD programms like revit.  and even on the last Day of the competition, we just can reprint the layouts or elements of the CAD Plan, and Photoshop will automatically reload the new pdf files int the right place, the right size, the right color, and all the aplied layereffects..


Affinity photo can do this too using embedded Objects, with the only difference that we have to relink it manualy..     So rasterising all the Embeded layers would destroy this workflow and is no solution for a smart fast productive workflow...

greetings from Hamburg..


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