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Export to Apple Photos on iPad also Import question

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If I want to save a pic I have to export it to Dropbox and download to Photos.  Exporting to Pages is no help to me.  I want to flatten a composite and then use it in another program.

I just got Affinity Photo for iPad this week and the tutorial for drag and drop on iOS 11 shows importing multiple files to Home Page but I can't find how to add them from the Home page as layers. So far I have to keep going out to Dropbox and loading one at a time with Place. I couldn't load them as a stack.

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You can save back to Photos, on the Export screen, select Share > Save Image. You can't drag in a file from Home onto an already open file, you could open one and use Pasteboard > Copy and then open the other and use Pasteboard > Paste, this would insert the copied image as a new layer. However using the Place feature is easier and doesn't require opening multiple documents.

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Thanks for your clear reply.

I also tried putting two images in a Stack and then opening the Stack to work on each separately.  That's a limp work-around for two but most  composites need more.

The program works so well that having a workflow of going to Dropbox for a new image is effortless. It's just that as a newbie, I wanted to be sure I had the easiest way to do this.

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