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I am still new to the Affinity suite having previously known PS pretty well.  I have images (photos) to which I have made adjustments in Affinity Photo.

I want to use those images in Affinity Designer.


When I cut and paste or drag and drop the image into an existing Affinity Designer document, Affinity Designer crashes.  It does it every time.

I have tried with layers and having merged the layers, I have tried having rasterised the image but the same result - Designer just crashes.


I am sure this worked earlier today.


Can anyone help please - what am I doing wrong?

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Hello Catrin,


I just tried it with an image (JPG) that I opened in AP and applied a curves adjustment. Then I saved it as an .afphoto file.

I then drag and dropped the file into a blank AD document with no problem.


I also copied all layers in AP and pasted them into AD with no problem or crash.


A while ago there was a problem with drag and drop of documents but as far as I know this has been fixed. Are you sure you are on the latest beta versions? They are at


Perhaps you can provide a step by step explanation of what you are doing until the crash occurs?

Then we can try to reproduce this.


Best regards,



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