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I am currently trialling Affinity Photo, specifically for its printing capabilities, but I have run into a couple of problems.


1) Having recently bought a new printer capable of using fine art papers and the like I needed some software that could do Colour Managed printing, and, not wanting to be price-gouged by Adobe, thought I would try Affinity Photo. As per the attached screenshot, in the print dialogue I can click the Printer Profile drop-down and select the ICC profile I want; the ones I have installed all show up and can be selected without issue. However, if I then click off the Colour Management section, say to Rasterization, and then click back, the ICC profile has reverted back to the default sRGB. How do I make it stay on the one I have selected, and be sure it is actually printing with that profile?


2) Question two comes as a result of attempting to experiment with 1). I thought that maybe if I selected the ICC profile as the very last thing before printing, the program would use that profile for the print. To test this, I was going to print the same image several times on one sheet of paper with different profiles to see if there was a difference. However, there appears to be no way to position the image on the paper: it sits obstinately in the middle. Is there a way to specifically position the image?


Thanks for any help!


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Thanks for letting me know!


In the mean time, I opened a thread on another forum regarding colour managed printing, which drifted to my issues with Affinity. I ended up getting answers to the two questions I posted, so I'll add what I learned here in case any other newbs like me are curious:


1) The colour management issue can be worked around in Affinity by going to the Document menu -> Convert ICC Profile, and selecting the ICC profile you want to print with. Alternatively, I found that if I select the ICC profile in the print dialogue as the very last thing before clicking print, it was used correctly (and got some very funky prints by printing with random profiles. Who knew green could be _that_ green?!?)


2) As per this thread on the Affinity forums, to layout the page simply create a new document the size of the paper you are printing on, and plonk your image on where you want it! Simple really!


Anyway, I'm really enjoying my Affinity trial; it might well be a keeper...

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