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Various issues related to the Apple Color Picker

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I’m using the Apple Color Picker a lot, especially as I have created a lot of Color Palettes.


I encountered three issues with this on Affinity Photo:


1. The shortcut for the Apple Color Picker is universally Shift-Command-C in any well behaved Cocoa app on OS X. It’s not in Affinity Photo, which is confusing.


2. Open an image in sRGB in Affinity Photo. Choose the Colour pane in the upper right of Affinity Photo. Choose the Color Sliders pane in the Apple Color Picker. Choose RGB Sliders from the Color Model pop-up. By clicking on the tiny Color Space pull-down menu left of the Color Model pop-up, make sure Generic RGB is the color space selected. With the sliders in the Apple Color Picker, select some arbitrary RGB values. Note that the RGB values in the Colour pane in the upper right of Affinity Photo are identical. However, the Apple Color Picker values are in Generic RGB, those in Affinity Photo are (should be) in sRGB (since that’s the image’s color space), so identical values are wrong.


3. I see that you try to integrate the user-wide OS X color palettes of the Apple Color Picker into your own GUI (which I applaud). However, the point about the color palettes in the Apple Color Picker is that these are *named* colors (the names indicating their usage), whereas you only display the color swatches, which is kind of useless for a palette of colors. This is especially an issue because points 1 and 2 prevent easy usage of the Apple Color Picker instead.

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