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I know its a little bit silly to ask for the trial version but i believe this will be a good experience to have. Currently my Affinity just got expired. I was assuming it was one month period (usually trial lasts this long. Yeah, people dont read). I was trying to get myself familiar with this great tool so that i can propose to my superiors/boss to get this instead (reason being Adobe is expensive and i only utilized photoshop & illustrator). Currently they are outstation around 20 days from the day i started this trial. I was greeted by a pop up saying that the trial is expired. This is very frustrating as i'm unprepared to export or transfer my designs back to illustrator before it gets expired. Now i have to recreate back the entire design before my bosses comes back.

I remembered opening Affinity Photo a while back then but i didn't used it ever since. I know its a good tool but I don't have any photo editing work to do at the moment. If the trial is fixed 10 days since I last opened it, then i wont get any chances to get used to that tool.


So what i would like to suggest is:


- Add countdown of the trial period, or maybe at least a reminder few days before it gets expired.

- Only count the days of the software being used.

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+1 one this post.


Even better yet, do as many other trials do--allow continued use of the trial, but no saving of files permitted. 


I'm working my way through the tutorials, but my 10-day trial has expired, and I'm still not 100% sure I want to replace Photoshop Elements with Affinity Photo.


It also appears you can't just purchase a license key and then enter it in the program. A full reinstallation appears necessary.

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