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  1. Hi, I'm fairly new to Affinity products and I find it strange that no one raised this issue or I just couldn't find it. Hand/View tool is one of designers' important tool to use in any design software. I attached a gif image for reference on what's happening. Basically i hold down SPACE key and click to move left and right. As you can see there's this sudden "jump" to a certain position rather than smooth flow like how Ai does. You can see the hand cursor is suddenly clipped to the left and right of my design when i started moving. Im not sure whats causing this. I have also attached a gif on how it looks like in Ai, so that you can compare and see how it was supposed to work like. P.S. Im using the Trial version.
  2. ShinKaiZen

    View Tool sudden "jump" bug

    Hi all, I have figured out the culprit to this problem on my side. Do you have any Better Touch Tool or MagicPrefs enabled? Apparently, Adobe products doesnt get affected with this but Affinity does. I have to disable this while im working on Affinity softwares. Hope you guys can make it run smoothly with me turning it off.
  3. Thanks MEB. Very much appreciated this feedback
  4. Almost one year later... This feature is still under development?
  5. Hi, I know its a little bit silly to ask for the trial version but i believe this will be a good experience to have. Currently my Affinity just got expired. I was assuming it was one month period (usually trial lasts this long. Yeah, people dont read). I was trying to get myself familiar with this great tool so that i can propose to my superiors/boss to get this instead (reason being Adobe is expensive and i only utilized photoshop & illustrator). Currently they are outstation around 20 days from the day i started this trial. I was greeted by a pop up saying that the trial is expired. This is very frustrating as i'm unprepared to export or transfer my designs back to illustrator before it gets expired. Now i have to recreate back the entire design before my bosses comes back. I remembered opening Affinity Photo a while back then but i didn't used it ever since. I know its a good tool but I don't have any photo editing work to do at the moment. If the trial is fixed 10 days since I last opened it, then i wont get any chances to get used to that tool. So what i would like to suggest is: - Add countdown of the trial period, or maybe at least a reminder few days before it gets expired. - Only count the days of the software being used.
  6. ShinKaiZen

    Option-drag to copy/duplicate

    Cool! i didnt know it disabled the snapping when pressing it after drag! It sure is going to be useful to me someday in the future.
  7. ShinKaiZen

    View Tool sudden "jump" bug

    Thanks, good to hear that! It was so annoying for this to happen and i already have doubts in the purchased version. Hopefully this thing wont happen in that one.
  8. ShinKaiZen

    Option-drag to copy/duplicate

    It works now but you need to click alt first before clicking the left mouse button in mac. it doesn't work the other way round unfortunately.
  9. ShinKaiZen

    View Tool sudden "jump" bug

    Im running macOS Sierra and its a fresh new installation. I haven't add any plugins yet. additional info: Affinity Designer ver. 1.5.5 (Trial) macOS Sierra v10.12.5 iMac 21.5 inch Late 2013 8GB 1600 RAM I already started, the problem still persists.

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