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  1. Cool! i didnt know it disabled the snapping when pressing it after drag! It sure is going to be useful to me someday in the future.
  2. Thanks, good to hear that! It was so annoying for this to happen and i already have doubts in the purchased version. Hopefully this thing wont happen in that one.
  3. It works now but you need to click alt first before clicking the left mouse button in mac. it doesn't work the other way round unfortunately.
  4. Im running macOS Sierra and its a fresh new installation. I haven't add any plugins yet. additional info: Affinity Designer ver. 1.5.5 (Trial) macOS Sierra v10.12.5 iMac 21.5 inch Late 2013 8GB 1600 RAM I already started, the problem still persists.
  5. Hi, I'm fairly new to Affinity products and I find it strange that no one raised this issue or I just couldn't find it. Hand/View tool is one of designers' important tool to use in any design software. I attached a gif image for reference on what's happening. Basically i hold down SPACE key and click to move left and right. As you can see there's this sudden "jump" to a certain position rather than smooth flow like how Ai does. You can see the hand cursor is suddenly clipped to the left and right of my design when i started moving. Im not sure whats causing this. I have also attached a gif on how it looks like in Ai, so that you can compare and see how it was supposed to work like. P.S. Im using the Trial version.